Scholarship Program

The main purpose of the EPS foundation is to foster educational opportunities for underprivileged children living within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The first target is Siem Reap. website that writes essays It is considered to be the 2nd poorest province of Cambodia and completing high school is in the area is rare. Although school is free in Cambodia, students must provide their own materials and often drop out around the age of twelves to work. The donation funds received will purchase school materials to students in Grades 4-9. Three types of donations can be made:

Type A: One-time donation of USD 60.00 to support one child’s education scholarship for one year .
Type B: Three times donation of USD 180.00 to provide an educational scholarship for one child for three academic year.
Type C: A non-specific amount of donation to support EPS Foundation.
What a Scholarship Buys
  • 15 Notebooks
  • 8 Pens
  • Two Pencils
  • A set of Color Pencils
  • A Compass
  • Two Sharpeners
  • A set of rulers
  • Pencil Case
  • Two School Uniforms
  • One Coat
  • One backpack
  • A pair of shoes
  • A pair of flip-flops
Month Main Activities
May Scholarship Preparation, Training, and Database Management
June Scholarship Announcement and Planning
July Scholarship Screening and Announcement Final Granting
August Certificates Preparation and Final Database Announcement
Sept. Students/Schools Materials Preparation
Oct. Beginning of the Academic Year / Awarding Ceremony to Students
Nov. Donation Preparation and Mailing Management
Dec. Following Up and Monitor
Jan. Documents Management and Publishing
Feb. Evaluation and Reporting
Mar. Annual Activities and Financial Planning