Donors List

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First of all, on behalf of the Education for Population Support Foundation, I would like to say thank you very much  for your support of the poor children in Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. Cambodian people always remember  the kindness of donors remember and the donors  generosity in helping Cambodians after the Pol Pot regime.

Secondly, EPS Scholarship program: is a face-to-face program where individual donors and scholars are directly linked to each other. The $60 you donate will be used for a one-year scholarship, with these scholarship funds, we will purchase textbooks and other school supplies for underprivileged students at primary and secondary levels of education, as well as appropriate clothing. Donors receive information about the child or children they support, along with his/her photo as well as a certificate, and a map showing the scholar’s schools.

The information pack is designed to let you know clearly who will benefit from your donation, this will be done by e-mail or written correspondence if request.

Thirdly, EPS Agriculture program: there are many poor families who live on less than US$1 a day. Our aim is to help these poor families create small stable businesses so that they can make a living, by developing agriculture. In doing this we lessen their reliance on support. For $300, This will support a family into a Agricultural Project. Supplying the family with trainings, Ducks, Chickens, Chicken & Duck pens, vegetables for growing and gardening tools, materials, compost, and finding market for selling them. Also EPS continues to monitor all project to oversee their success or to help with any problems they my face.

Fourthly, Scholarships and agriculture programs are currently provided in one area, Siem Reap Province, North of the capital Phnom Penh which is where Angkor Wat and a hundred other temples are located. The program is principally designed to support a underprivileged students for three years study – from the forth to ninth grades of basic education at schools.


No. Title Name Nationalities/ institutes Donated amount ($) That they donated Address
1 Mr. Takujiro ITO Japanese/ individual 100.00 one scholarship and less for EPS’s operation Japan
2 Prof. Kenichi KUBOTA Japanese/ individual 120.00 two scholarships Japan
3 Family Mrs. Jean FORBES, Mr. Graham FORBES Australian/ Individual 1,100.00 10 scholarships for two years. Australia
4 Family Mr. Graham FORBES,Mr. Glenn  FORBES,Mr Tony FORBES,

Mr. Allan FORBES

Australian/ Individual 500.00 one agricultural program,one support English training teacher for one year, and 5 chickens for family. Australia
5 Miss Japanese Foundation Japanese/ foundation  (via Miss Chiho YOSHIDA) 3,000.00 to set up two libraries (textbooks, bookshelves, providing several trainings, etc.) Japan
6 Mr. Keith BONARRIGO American/ individual   bought domain from Google and developed EPS’s webpage United States
7 Mr. Yasuo OHNO Japanese/ individual 100.00 one scholarship and less for EPS’s operation Japan
8 Team Japanese donors Japanese/ team (via Miss. Chiho YOSHIDA) 120.00 two scholarships Japan
9 Mr. Shingo IMAMIYA Japanese/ individual 60.00 one scholarship Japan
10 Mr. Masahiko IMADA Japanese/ individual 60.00 one scholarship Japan
11 Mr. Masanori MURASE Japanese/ individual 75.00 one scholarship and less fund for EPS’s operation apan
12 Mr. Tsuneo INADA Japanese/ individual 75.00 one scholarship and less fund for EPS’s operation Japan
13 Team Kansai University study tour team Japanese/J-CaJa team 280.00 two scholarships and EPS’s project operation Japan
14 Mr. Tony Canadian/ individual 100.00 one scholarship and one set of volleyball coach Canada